Embracing our customers.
Maintaining a close relationship with them.
Meeting their needs.
Satisfying their expectations.
It’s much more than a service – it’s a tailored style.

The careful selection of materials to be used, the devoted personal experimentation, the close relationship with suppliers to share experiences and to expand its know-how, the choice to use only the finest and mainly natural fibres, such as linen, silk, cotton and precious wools, are the principles on which the Cristina Bonfanti style is based in order to make quality the arrival point.

Every collection comes out of meticulous tests to try out new finishing, dying, printing techniques and innovative fabric treatments to achieve unique, excellent results.

Every garment is sewn together after a meticulous study of the cut, with exceptional attention to details, even the most hidden ones, and a made-to-measure service – all features that can only be guaranteed by a professional dressmaker team.

spring-summer 2021
blouse and trousers in linen
blouse in silk sanderson printed
loose dress in dyed yarm linen
loose blouse in poplin cotton with poplin cotton striped trousers
blouse in poplin cotton with linen yarm dyed trousers
blouse in linen and in poplin striped cotton
track suit in dyed yarm linen panama
dress in dyed yarm linen
jacket and trousers in linen chevron with blouse in silk sanderson printed
loose blouse in gauze linen with panama linen trousers